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  • Belt closure

  • Recommended for ages 9 months to 5 years old and one size fits. Does not need to be removed for diaper/potty change.

  • This toddler belt consists of 3 pieces of suspender with that fits in the back 3 belt loops of children's pants thereby keeping them from falling down. Adjustable to 4 sizes.

  • Simply hook this item from one loop across your stomach to the other loop. It lays flat under your clothes extending the life of your regular jeans.

  • This product is like a small belt that is only attached to the back loops. High Quality Suspender. (Not Elastic)

  • Pack of three different colors. And the dimensions: Adjustable Length 5-6 inches x Width 1 inches.

  • Features: Adjustable to 4 sizes No need to remove for diaper No interfere with potty training Re-usable Mom-invented High Quality Suspender

    Sister Selected Adjustable Snap Belt for Baby/Toddler Boy & Girl Pant - 3 Pack: